Dean Anthony's Workshops

Body Work and Acting Craft for Singers

This series of classes and individual coachings, focuses on TOTAL connection of body and thought as a performer, developing awareness of footwork, gestures, physical energy, the body of the character, and processing the text as a singing actor. This is not Yoga Class or Tai-chi, but these ancient art forms are truly based on the same centering, breath, and total body connection needed by a polished stage performer. These classes can work for everyone.

Often, breaking out of the voice studio or practice room can be a huge challenge, but incorporating these skills can quickly open a new world to your stage craft. My belief in this "craft" is not secondary to vocal technique, but a total balance to develop the complete packaged ARTIST required for today's performer. I think you will DIG it...

Effective movement in Opera does not require you to be PHYSICALLY PERFECT, however, I do believe an actor needs to have an intimate knowledge of their own body. Actors need to reflect LIFE in all its myriad forms and the physical demands placed on a performer can be extreme and sometimes painful if one is not careful. My years of performing have certainly taught me that.

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A warm-up routine designed to wake up the body and begin the mental connection to the body's function as an actor.


A high energy class working on the staging and Craft of Auditioning. Minimum 30 minute slots are preferred for each singer. Large groups are extremely welcome as input, questions, and understanding is of the utmost importance. Please provide a pianist.


This is one on one work with a singer incorporating the same techniques from the AUDITION CLASS. Minimum 30 minute slots are preferred. Please provide a pianist.


This option is a FULL week of ALL class options. MOVEMENT CLASS daily, AUDITION WORKSHOP CLASS at the beginning of the week. INDIVIDUAL COACHINGS for 3 days, and a final MASTERCLASS the last day for all to see the progress made during the week.